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We’re proud to announce that Telfer Digital have completed the Watling JCB website development project! We at Telfer Digital are passionate about bringing life and creativity to digital projects, so when Watling JCB came to us wanting a brand new website, we were more than up for the challenge. With state-of-the-art software development, our team collaborated closely with their team throughout this entire process; working closely together on getting this amazing modern website design off the ground has been an incredible experience. From helping formulate ideas to complete visibility into every step of production—to building out custom components with attention to detail. Seeing it all come together makes us incredibly excited and proud, so keep reading below for a comprehensive look into our incredible journey!

Client: Watling JCB Limited
Categories: Website Development
Start date: 1st December 2021
Finish date: 19th April 2021

The Process

At Telfer Digital, we know our success stems not just from the vision of our team and the tireless dedication to our clients, but also its foundation: completing projects on time. This is why we’re excited to announce that The Watling JCB project has been completed! A long-term project spanning multiple teams in various disciplines such as design, copywriting, web development, and usability testing - this website required hard work and more than a few late nights for everyone involved. But by working collaboratively together under tight deadlines with an eye towards providing outstanding service for developers at every step of the way, we were able to make it all happen without breaking any promises along the way.

Future Partnership

At Telfer Digital, we pride ourselves on our strong partnership with Watling JCB. As their go-to digital agency, we are constantly working to provide them with the best services possible. From Pay Per Click campaigns that achieved a 36x ROI month on month, to high-quality videography work for sales, service, and careers, we are always pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our SEO and website development services ensure that Watling JCB remains at the forefront of their industry. Together, we turn imagination into creation, delivering outstanding results that exceed expectations. As a professional agency, we are committed to delivering top-quality service every time.

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